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Deploying A Next.js App On Vercel


next.js logo vercel is the best platform to deploy and test your next.js application. Let's see how you can deploy there for free.

for this, you'll need to have one account:

first of all, make a git repository with a next.js project

npx create-next-app
git init

Now install vercel globally:

npm i -g vercel
# or
yarn add -g vercel

deploy !

? Set up and deploy “~/web/my-new-project”? [Y/n] y
? Which scope do you want to deploy to? My Awesome Team
? Link to existing project? [y/N] n
? What’s your project’s name? my-new-project
? In which directory is your code located? my-new-project/
Auto-detected project settings (Next.js):
- Build Command: `next build` or `build` from `package.json`
- Output Directory: Next.js default
- Development Command: next dev --port $PORT
? Want to override the settings? [y/N]

# and for production
vercel --prod

Setting Up Environment Variables

vercel --build-env KEY1=value1 --build-env KEY2=value2

That's It

Access the next.js application with the url provided